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Have you always wanted to get up close with some of history's most fearsome predators? You could be meeting our juvenile Tyrannosaurus Rex, baby Parasaurolophus and Carnotaurus and our newborn Triceratops! Our experienced Dino Handlers will present an amazing interactive show, teaching you some fun facts about some of history's most fearsome predators.​

For the full Jurassic experience you can also try and discover your very own prehistoric creature in our Dino Dig activity and then design and create your very own dinosaur in our Jurassic Art Blast! With Totally Dinosaurs from Totally Crazy, your prehistoric adventure starts here!


a live show with bite

Totally Dinosaurs - Dino Encounter, is much more than just a walkabout act. It's our fully produced live interactive show, which is both educational and entertaining for all ages.  We come to your location, create a dinosaur enclosure complete with backdrop, themed props, pa system and lighting, with the show being led by one of our experienced Dino Handlers and featuring four of our very own prehistoric superstars!​


This event typically runs for 4 hours with a 25 minute live show each hour.

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a whole day of dino fun!

Don't forget that if you are looking to create a whole day of dino themed activities, we can help!

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dinos live...

Check out what happened when we took our awesome Dino Encounter show and Dinosaur Dig to our friends at Emery Gate Shopping Centre in Chippenham for their Jurassic Fantastic day...

Big thanks to Wild White Media for the clip!!

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